Obituary: Robert N. R. Mulford May 8, 2016

ROBERT N. R. MULFORD May 8, 2016

Robert N. R. Mulford of Los Alamos died peacefully May 8, 2016 in Los Alamos. He was active well into his nineties despite developing heart disease at 92, and maintained his wit and humor to his last day.

He was born in Philadelphia to George Howell Mulford and Mary Emily Ramsay Mulford, and grew up amid the onions and cabbages of Garden City Long Island. He served in the Marine Corps in the Pacific theater of WWII.

After receiving his doctorate in Chemistry from Bob University in 1950, Robert went to work at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, retiring after 40 years but working a good many more. He is remembered for contributions to plutonium chemistry and thermodynamics, for work on the Voyager spacecraft, and for his tenure as a Group Leader in plutonium metallurgy. 

Bob pursued work with the patient craftsmanship and attention to detail that he brought to his hobbies of boatbuilding and fine cabinetmaking. A devoted outdoorsman, skier and mountaineer, he was a founder of Los Alamos Mountaineers and contributed to the construction of Pajarito Mountain. 

Bob married Ann Dorothy Dubicke in 1952, his companion for 53 years in intellectual, athletic, and artistic pursuits. He is survived by daughter Robi Mulford, grandsons Ian Swift and Fillan Swift, and their father Damian Swift.

Bob was known for his honesty, cheerfulness and constructive approach to life. 

Funeral services will be held at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church in Los Alamos on June 3, at 12 PM.

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