Obituary: MITCHELL PAUL CHAVEZ July 10, 1949 – June 16, 2015

MITCHELL PAUL CHAVEZ July 10, 1949 – June 16, 2015

Our beloved Mitchell Paul Chavez was called home on the evening of Tuesday, June 16th after battling the complications of gall bladder surgery for several weeks.

Mitch is survived by his parents, Pascual and Margaret Chavez, younger siblings Annette, Mark, Stephanie, James, Francesca and Stephen, his son Anthony Chavez and daughter Brittany Chavez, grandchildren Monique, Winter and Jayla, brother-in-law Kendal Giles, nieces and nephews Jason, Andrea, Marcello, Ryan, Nicole, Vanessa, Michaela, Gabriel, Dylan and Sophia and countless other friends and relatives.

He was preceded in death by his younger brother Nicholas Thomas Chavez, infant sister Mary Ellen Chavez and brother-in-law Joe Chavez.

In his final days at Christus St. Vincent Hospital, he was blessed to be surrounded by those who love him and his finest qualities shown through to the very end as he was able to selflessly give his gift of laughter to his family during their most difficult moments.

Mitch was born in Los Alamos Medical Center on July 10th, 1949. He was a lifelong resident of Los Alamos and a graduate of Los Alamos High School. He received his Bachelors in Education from Highland University, then went on to become a High School teacher in Pojoaque, NM.

Mitch always greeted his father with the endearing term ‘Pop’ and his mother with a loving kiss. He will be remembered with a smile on his face and amusement in his heart because he enjoyed making others laugh through his boundless wit and endless repertoire of jokes. He was a great dancer and a snazzy dresser. He enjoyed sharing his grace with others throughout his entire life. He loved history, politics, photography and philosophy.

He helped to inspire his youngest brother, Stephen, to become a teacher and modeled professional attire by showing up to class in a suit and polished leather shoes with briefcase in hand. His sister Francesca will always cherish special memories of learning to tie her shoes with his loving guidance. James will never forget the time when Mitch was a passenger in his vehicle and got angry when he passed a hitchhiker, making him turn around to pick him up stating, “do you know how many times I’ve stood at the side of the road with my thumb out?”

Mitch was a strong advocate of the underdog. He shared the pain (most recently) and elation of being a Dallas Cowboy fan with his younger brother Mark and they always discussed their prospects for the playoffs at Thanksgiving dinner. Stephanie will always remember how he addressed himself as her big brother.  During the three years he helped to take care of their parents, they were able to spend time together and share many cherished talks. Mitch would listen intently as she shared her relationship with God and he would say, “I believe you sis.”

Mitch instilled a love of music and dance in his sister Annette and she has fond memories of borrowing his colorful 31’’ X 36’’ bell bottoms so that she could be like her big brother. He never knew if it was a blessing or a big inconvenience that they wore the same size.

Over the last several years he was able to help care for his aging parents and spend quality time with his grandchildren.

Services will be held at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, 3700 Canyon Road, Los Alamos, NM, on Tuesday, June 30th at 10:00 am. This was his childhood church where Mitch spent the last few years of his life rediscovering the love and support he received from the faith his parents had instilled in him from an early age. A reception will follow immediately after the services in the Parrish Hall next to the church. At his request, his ashes will be spread in the Jemez Mountains, where he shared many special moments with family and friends.