Obituary: Miriam Balog Nov. 12, 1929 – June 16, 2015

MIRIAM BALOG Nov. 12, 1929 – June 16, 2015

Sisu. If you are not of Finnish descent, this probably means nothing to you. If you look Sisu up on Google, you’ll still have difficulty truly understanding it. However, if you knew Mim, you know what Sisu is. 

Miriam lived Sisu, day in and day out. From her early days leaving Wyoming to support the love of her life, George, to the rearing of four children, she instilled in them the same values of determination, bravery, resilience, perseverance, tenacity and honesty that she so heartily espoused.

Family excursions all over the US and Canada were the norm during the summers, six people crammed into a little Shasta trailer, encouraging all not to be bound. Character and personality bloomed. At home, deep and abiding friendships grew in the small community of Los Alamos, with the Church providing the anchor. Even with the devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer’s for George, Miriam drew on her spirit of Sisu, her fount of courage and determination despite the challenges, loving and caring for him until his dying breath. 

Generous to a fault, Mim gave and trusted unconditionally anyone who was in need (even Democrats she would add!) The basis of Sisu has been inherited by (in order of appearance) her children; Susan (Bruce), Cindy, Mary Lynne (Terry), and John (Debbie), her grandchildren; Justin (Haley), Patrick, Molly, Matthew, Jeffrey (Deirdre), Brittney, Kevin, Laura, Miquela, and even her great-grandchildren; Colby and Reagan. 

How Mim’s spirit will be manifested in each is already evidenced in her children and ever-presently budding in even the youngest generation. On June 16, with every drop of that inner Finnish resilience used up, Miriam peacefully slipped away to return once again to her beloved George.

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