Obituary: Maco Stewart IV 1955 – Jan. 29, 2021

MACO STEWART IV 1955 – Jan. 29, 2021

Maco Stewart passed away peacefully from cardiac arrest at his home in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Friday, Jan. 29, 2021. He was 65 years old.

Maco was born in 1955 in Austin, Texas, to Maco Stewart III and Ina Backman Stewart. After his parents’ divorce, his mother lived in New York City, and his father in Texas, giving him a broad experience of his country. He graduated from the Riverdale Country School in the Bronx, and then from Wesleyan University.

Always a seeker, Maco studied meditation and Eastern religion at ashrams in New York, India, and many other places. He met his first wife there, marrying Teresa Hall. Together they had two sons, Maco Stewart V and William Stewart. His second marriage was also through the ashram, to Diana Burston. In May of 2001 he married the true love of his life, Melissa; through that marriage he gained his stepson, Seth, and shortly thereafter, Alister and then Ezra were born and brought great joy to Maco’s life.

Maco was a genius, with a tested intelligence in the top 0.003%. Seeking kindred spirits, he served in various positions with the Prometheus Society, an organization for similarly gifted individuals, and was its acting president when he passed. Early in life, he tried different types of work, ranging from medicine to art sales, before finding his calling at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he held various positions of trust and was eventually charged with protecting the lab’s cybersecurity. He moved to Los Alamos in 1992, residing there for the final decades of his life. 

In Los Alamos, he found not only his career, but also his faith. Maco was born again through the Word of Jesus Christ, and became an active member of the congregation at Crossroads Bible Church. Faith became a defining feature of his life, and one of his purest passions; he described the Sermon on the Mount as “the true instruction manual for living.” Writing was another of his passions, and he wrote a number of novels that he intended to publish.

Maco was preceded in death by his infant sister, Maconda; his father, Maco Stewart III; and his stepfather, Fred Shoenberg. He is survived by his wife, Melissa; his children, Maco, Will, Seth, Alister, and Ezra; his mother, Ina Shoenberg; his sisters, Macol Stewart Cerda and Amy Maxwell; and his brother, Stewart.

A private funeral service was held at Crossroads Bible Church on February 3. Donations in memoriam may be sent to that church, which is located in Los Alamos.