OBITUARY: John R. Dummer Oct. 30, 1959 – June 21, 2014

JOHN R. DUMMER Oct. 30, 1959 – June 21, 2014

John R. Dummer made the longest day of the year his last day, but he was all about living life with gusto. Making people laugh was a gift and his passion.

John loved Los Alamos and was happy in the mountains and his small town. He embraced adventures and each was enjoyed with the enthusiasm of a little boy … rappelling off Peggy Sue Bridge, rafting rivers, motorcycling with friends, scary acrobatic skiing, taking pictures of flowers, and coaching the infamous Dummer Racing shovel racers.

He shared and recognized everyone on facebook, sent wonderful emails about animals, and we can’t forget the PEZ. John enjoyed building things large and small, and every year would build his family an ornament, a wooden top, or a wooden puzzle refusing to reveal the solution.

John’s work with Atomic City Transit was driving people, not just passengers, through his Los Alamos. He knew everyone’s name, and went out of his way to make each person feel unique. He especially enjoyed the kids.

John never sought out special recognition but achieved it anyway. While he struggled with school and dyslexia, he was really just bored in his brilliant mind. He’ll always be Dummer, but certainly never dumb or lazy or boring. John was a loving husband, the best brother, the loyal son, and trusted friend. Everyone who knew John loved John because John was John.

John leaves behind his wife, his love and best friend Sue, parents Jean and Jerry Dummer, sister Sarah Wilson and husband Corby, nephews Seth and Dylan Daly, sister Martha Dummer and husband Spencer Martin, stepson Isaac Brown and grandkids Joyce and Elijah, and so many friends.

In memory of John, truly look and smile at people, learn their names, and treat everyone with the kindness John did. In lieu of flowers donations may be made through

A celebration of life is tentatively planned for the second weekend of July. Stay tuned.

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