Obituary: Duane Flamig April 16, 1951 – Oct. 29, 2023

DUANE FLAMIG April 16, 1951 – Oct. 29, 2023

Duane Flamig born April 16, 1951 in Oshkosh, Nebraska, passed away Oct. 29, 2023 in Peoria, Az.

Born in rural Nebraska, and the oldest son in a family of 8 children, Duane had a natural curiosity about everything. In his youth he memorized the encyclopedia and bet his siblings a shiny penny they couldn’t ask him a question from the pages that he wouldn’t be able to answer. His learning culminated in a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Nebraska. He spent the first half of his career working on techniques for MR imaging that could be used to improve the diagnosis of breast cancer and was listed as an inventor on many patents. The second half of his career was spent working for the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico but his work there was classified so we can’t talk about it.

He retired to sunny Phoenix, AZ and spent time visiting family and friends. He loved his children, grandchildren, and siblings and was loved by them in return.

Duane passed on his love of learning and taught his children a lot over the years, including how to swear like a sailor when assembling anything made in China. He had an infectious smile and loved to laugh. He also taught his children about loyalty, rooting for the Cornhuskers for over 50 years.

If he had a final message to leave us with it would be, “Don’t buy anything from GE and vote Republican.”

Duane is survived by his daughter Briana Flamig and husband Lawrence Hudson of Lebanon, NH and their 3 daughters; son Zac Flamig of Chicago, IL; brothers Marlen Flamig of Whitney, Nebraska, Bryan Flamig and wife, Leslie Nelson of Phoenix, AZ, Rusty and wife Karen Flamig of Hartington, Nebraska, and Randy and wife, Deanna Flamig of Rawlings, WY; sisters Anita Burkhalter of Littlefield, AZ and Sylvia Bixenman of Hays, Kansas; nephew Matthew Brown of Surprise, AZ; cousin David and his wife Karen Rohfling of Dayton, OH; ex-wife Pandora Lolos of Wenatchee, WA and many extended family members.

Predeceased by his brother Chris Flamig, his mother Inez Flamig and his father Herman Flamig.

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