Obituary: Dorothy Lee Tully Stolpe Dec. 20, 1928 – Sept. 20, 2016

DOROTHY LEE TULLY STOLPE Dec. 20, 1928 Sept. 20, 2016

Join me in honoring the passing of Dorothy Lee Tully Stolpe who departed this life in the early afternoon of September 20, 2016 at the age of 87. She was survived by her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren as well as admiring friends.

Dot or Dottie was born December 20, 1928 in Shawnee, Oklahoma to Bernice Leon Tully and Waneeta Augustine Russell. She spent all of her childhood years in Shawnee where she was involved in community activities, worked in local shops and theaters, and became an accomplished artist.

She went to School at Oklahoma State where she met and married Richard Henry Stolpe. Together, they had five children: Richard Henry, II; Stanley Jacobs; Charles Todd; Marjorie Ann (Gavett); and William Patrick. Richard was a naval aviator and when called up to active duty for Korea, they became a permanent military family until 1974 when they went to Los Alamos, New Mexico. In between, they lived the life of a military family living in the San Diego, CA area; Monterey, CA; Jekyll Island, GA; Norfolk, VA; Sanford, FL; Newport, RI; Albuquerque, NM; and Omaha, NB. After Richard’s passing Dot spent some years in Los Alamos then moved to Carlsbad, CA.

Dot ran the home front while Richard worked and deployed overseas. Dot was known for boundless energy and for being a super-mom keeping a spotless home, preparing amazing meals, lawn work as well as the laundry, sick children, and being with her amazing friends.

She had a curious mind and was always up for an adventure. She was runner-up in the Mrs. Oklahoma pageant. She loved Los Alamos where she and her friends hiked and rode bikes throughout the west. She ran and jogged and was often found dressed in a sweat suit of some sort. She also liked to watch the sun set and the moon rise over a beach and take notice of the ever changing colors and hues. She had amazing friends who admired her for her many talents, and together they shared good-times, bad-times, but most often delightful explorations. Velvet and steal, she was gracious to most, tough on some, and ready for a good laugh.

We welcome all to pause, reflect, and join with the family as we celebrate the life of our mother and wish her God’s-speed.