Obituary: Deidre Ann Plumlee June 12, 1951 – Aug. 23, 2021

DEIDRE ANN PLUMLEE June 12, 1951 – Aug. 23, 2021

Deidre Ann Plumlee was born June 12, 1951 in Eunice, NM and passed from this life August 23, 2021 in Los Alamos.

Deidre was a “one off”. A unique individual of rare intelligence, but with a self effacing charming demeanor.

There were very few subjects, from astrology to zoology, in which she was not interested. Deidre was a publisher, an author and a poet. She was an Artist with a capital “A”. Her use of several media was amazing and she was so proficient with all that she attempted; be it oils, pen and pencil, water color and other mixed media, were all her forte. Deidre’s subjects were still life to real life and her passion for her art was evident in all her works.

There was also task oriented Deidre. A computer whiz, she complied many awards and accolades as a graphic designer for LANL. Deidre retired from work in 2011 after 10 years of exemplary service.

As Deidre entered retirement status, she continued her artistic endeavors but quickly became interested in community service. She became an active member of Los Alamos Retirement Seniors Organization. Deidre loved to help others, be they “seniors”, friends or neighbors. She had an undeniable generosity of spirit.

Unfortunately, Deidre had many health problems as she aged, but she remained upbeat and continued to be a loving friend to many, even through the hardest times.

Deidre was preceded in death by a sister, KayDean Maire Plumlee and her parents, Dean and Catherine Plumlee. She is survived by numerous Texas cousins.