Nuclear Care Partners Expands Service To New Mexico For Former Atomic Workers

NCP News:
ALBUQUERQUE Nuclear Care Partners, an organization that provides benefits guidance and in-home care to former atomic workers, is bringing its superior care for former workers into New Mexico to provide for local communities in need.
Many residents in north-central New Mexico worked at the Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories. Hundreds of former workers have since developed debilitating and life-threatening illnesses as a result of workplace exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals.
Nuclear Care Partners is an approved medical provider under the U.S. Department of Labor Programs: EEOICPA, RECA, DCMWC and FECA. The organization works exclusively with former Department of Energy workers who have been diagnosed with work-related illnesses and consequently qualify for financial compensation and no-cost in-home medical benefits.
“We are so grateful for the sacrifices these former workers made in their work in the Nuclear Weapons Industry, and truly believe that they deserve the highest level of care — we’ve made it our mission to ensure that,” Jenna Noem, CEO of Nuclear Care Partners said. “I am very excited to be expanding our services into New Mexico to provide quality care for these deserving former workers.”
Nuclear Care Partners provides benefits guidance for former workers applying for their Department of Labor white card and offers a variety of services including skilled nursing care, medication management, meal preparation, education, and more. Nuclear Care Partners’ case managers and nurses work closely with physicians to create a customized plan of care for each patient to reflect their needs and preferences. Unlike other organizations in the industry, Nuclear Care Partners’ nurses are directly employed — rather than contracted — to provide patients with a compassionate long-term care team that genuinely seeks to develop relationships with them and their families.
About Nuclear Care Partners
Nuclear Care Partners provides EEOICPA benefits guidance and no-cost in home care to former atomic workers who have developed serious illnesses due to the exposure to radiation and toxins they endured in the workplace.
Founded in 2011, Nuclear Care Partners serves hundreds of former atomic workers across the nation. Nuclear Care Partners was the first licensed medical provider enrolled in the Department of Labor program to receive accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). For more information call 505.717.3491 or visit