Nu2U Consignment & Gift Store Closing Sept. 30

Keith and Barbara Lindsay opened Nu2U May 1, 2014 at 1460 Trinity Dr., Suite 1 in Los Alamos. Courtesy photo


Nu2U Consignment and Gift Store owners Keith and Barbara Lindsay have announced that their store on Trinity Drive will close Sept. 30.


They issued the following closure plan:

Many thanks for the love and support the community and surrounding areas have given us since we announced the closure of our store. We have enjoyed our time with you We have enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the small business community in Los Alamos. We have made a lot of new friends and look forward in seeing you around town.

Many have asked about the closure procedure. This is a rough draft of what we are proposing :

The closure plan for Nu2U is as follows:

We currently operate out of 2 suites.

Suite 2 (floor space to the left as you enter the building) will be closing Wednesday, August 31, 2016. All items in Suite 2 will go on sale during the months of late July and August. This does include the entire children’s store, the hallway, and the large room that contains some furniture and many other items. Our vendors have the option of staying until the end of August or they can remove their items any time and not participate in the close out sale. This will be their decision. All items will be gone by August 31 in these areas. So it is time for everyone to think ahead and plan accordingly.

Suite 1 (the remaining floor space to the right as you enter the store) will be closing Friday, September 30, 2016. All items in Suite 1 will be going on sale starting the month of August through September. The same applies to the vendors in these areas. The doors will be closed for good by 6 p.m. Sept 30, 2016.