NNSA Recognizes LANL for Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) today congratulated Los Alamos National Laboratory and other national laboratories and sites for achievements in environmental stewardship, awarding a total of 24 Pollution Prevention (P2) Awards for innovative initiatives across the enterprise.

The P2 Awards recognize performance in integrating environmental stewardship practices that helps to reduce risk, protect natural resources and enhance site operations.

“I applaud the work done at NNSA’s sites in finding creative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our work,” said NNSA’s Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs Don Cook. “As part of our commitment to being effective stewards of the taxpayers’ money, NNSA will work to improve the way it does business while being responsible to the environment in the communities that host us and of which we are a part.”

The P2 Award recipients are selected by a panel of judges within NNSA from several NA-10 offices and NNSA site representatives. The panel reviews and scores the submitted nominations for recognition.

This year, NNSA is awarding 12 nominations to get Best in Class awards and 12 are receiving Environmental Stewardship awards out of a total of 40 nominations submitted in 10 award categories:

Best in Class Awards (category and award):

  • Greenhouse Gas Management: Reducing Sulfur Hexafluoride Use in Ion Sources (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Water Resources: The Outfall Reduction Program (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Change Agents: Ronnie Garcia (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Integrative Planning and Design: High Performance Computing Innovation Center (Los Alamos National Laboratory); and Roofing Recycling Program (Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico)
  • Comprehensive Energy and/or Fleet Management: Information Technology Goes Green (Pantex)
  • Environmental Management Systems: Recycling Status (Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico)
  • Cradle to Cradle: Targeted Excess Materials (TEM) Program (Y-12); and Server Virtualization (Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico)
  • Community Collaboration and Engagement: More Community Fun Than We Can Shake A Stick At (Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico)
  • Living Laboratory: Environmentally Friendly Solvent Blend (RonJohn) (Y-12)
  • Health and the Environment: Breaks the Chains and Clears the Way for Site Transformation (Y-12)

Environmental Stewardship Awards (category and award):

  • Greenhouse Gas Management: Insensitive High Explosive TATB Synthesis (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Living Laboratory: Biodiesel Waste Improves Sewage Plant Performance (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
  • Cradle to Cradle: Thorium is Now Green (Los Alamos National Laboratory); and Fleet Copiers Become Multi-Function Devices (Sandia National Laboratories/New Mexico)
  • Comprehensive Energy and/or Fleet Management: Shines the Light on Energy Reductions (Y-12)
  • Environmental Management Systems: Analytical Chemistry Organization’s Objective: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle (Y-12)
  • Community Collaboration and Engagement: Reaching Beyond, Sustainability Outreach (Y-12); Fresh @ the labs Farmers Market Collaboration (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/Sandia National Laboratories/California); and Hydrogen Shuttle Bus
  • Collaborative Project (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/Sandia National Laboratories/California)
  • Water Resources: NLV Building C-1 Xeric Landscaping (Nevada National Security Site)
  • Change Agents: Innovative Green Cleaning at NIF (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory); and Fast Tracking Sustainability (Y-12)

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