NMSURF And San Ildefonso Pueblo Partner To Deliver Gigabit Broadband Internet To San Ildefonso


SANTA FE – NMSURF Internet has partnered with San Ildefonso Pueblo to increase connectivity and bring high-speed gigabit Internet services to the San Ildefonso Pueblo.

Bringing a faster, more reliable connection to the pueblo will provide needed Internet services to the government, the citizens of the Pueblo, and the surrounding areas with this new small wireless facility site.

In time, the new infrastructure being built also will provide 5G services to the Pueblo and 50Mbps for residences and businesses.

NMSURF said it is honored to bring broadband Internet to rural, underserved places in New Mexico such as the Pueblo. Bringing broadband Internet to rural areas is a top priority for Congress, the state and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The FCC declared in 2017 that 25Mbps is the new standard for broadband.

New Mexico is ranked 48th for broadband connectivity and is amongst one of the least connected states for broadband Internet. The Native American population also has been reported as the population that is the least connected to the Internet. The digital divide between rural and urban Internet subscribers is a major issue in the United States.

NMSURF and San Ildefonso plan a ribbon cutting June 25 at the site.