NMSP Helicopter Crew Locates Lost Hunter

NMSP News:
PECOS – On the morning of Monday Oct. 23, members of the New Mexico State Police Aircraft Section were called to assist a search and rescue team attempting to locate a lost hunter in the mountains north of Pecos.
The 64-year-old hunter did not return as planned from his hunting trip and had spent the previous two nights alone, enduring freezing temperatures in the high mountains of the Pecos Wilderness.
Shortly after arriving on scene, the NMSP flight crew located the hunter seated next to a tree in an open meadow at approximately 10,200 feet. The flight crew was able to guide the search & rescue team to the hunter’s location.


The hunter was successfully rescued from the wilderness thanks to the coordination between the volunteer search and rescue teams and the New Mexico State Police. This mission, like so many others, is an example of search & rescue volunteers and State Police coming together to help those in need.

During the upcoming winter months, if you are going to be enjoying the outdoors, please take precautions for the extreme elements and temperatures. Plan ahead, dress accordingly and make sure you let others know where you plan on being and for how long.
We are for you, we are with you. We are the New Mexico State Police.

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