NM’s Health Insurance Exchange Shares Plan Selections And Outcomes From Last Year’s Open Enrollment

ALBUQUERQUE The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released 2018 Affordable Care Act health insurance Plan Selections and Outcomes of applications for 2018 Open Enrollment.
These reports indicate that 68,259 New Mexicans submitted an application,  and 49,792 selected a plan. The number of enrollees who purchased insurance with the help of the advance premium tax credit (APTC), a subsidy that helps pay for insurance premiums, stood at 43,226, or about 86.8 percent.
Total Plan Selection
Eligible for Financial Assistance
Percentage of Enrollment with Premium Assistance
“New Mexico residents are still relying on beWellnm as their preferred insurance marketplace,” said Maureen Manring, the beWellnm Director of Education and Outreach. “That includes residents who leverage the APTC, those who secure coverage through their employer through beWellnm for Small Business and Native American consumers who are adding a Qualified Health Plan, to their coverage option. Our certified agents and brokers can help New Mexicans find and enroll in a plan that best fits their needs.”
Health insurance is a way to reduce the financial impact of injury and sickness. It is also offers proactive measures to stay healthy. Under the Affordable Care Act, consumers are provided with access to health insurance, even if not covered by a job. Below are five steps to receive coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Check your eligibility. If you live in New Mexico, are not covered by an affordable health plan through work and are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, you may enroll in a health care plan through beWellnm.
  • Fill out an application. Contact a local agent or broker for free help applying or visit bewellnm.com for a directory of participating agents and brokers. This application will be used to identify qualifying insurance plans.
  • Compare Plans. Take a look at the different plans that are available to you. These plans will have different coverage and payment options.
  • Choose a plan that suits your needs. Select an option after considering such things as your health care needs, the monthly premium, out-of-pocket costs, and provider network.
  • Enroll. Open Enrollment 2019 begins Nov. 1 and ends Dec. 15. Consumers can enroll during this year’s open enrollment period or during a 60-day special enrollment period after a major life event.
To access these resources, or for more information, visit bewellnm.com.
About beWellnm, New Mexico’s Health Insurance Exchange
BeWellnm was created to help individuals and small businesses get access to affordable health insurance plans. BeWellnm helps consumers compare health insurance plans and choose the plan that works best for their health needs and budget. BeWellnm also helps individuals determine whether they are eligible for premium assistance and if so, at what level. Through beWellnm for Small Business, small businesses are able to purchase competitively priced health insurance plans and offer their employees the ability to choose from an array of plans. Enrollment Counselors and insurance agents are available throughout the state to help with signing up for health insurance.
To find more information on beWellnm, New Mexico’s Health Insurance Exchange, visit www.beWellnm.com or call 1-833-ToBeWell.