Los Alamos Rapid Response COVID-19 Watchlist: May 1-19

NMED News:

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) statewide Rapid Response COVID-19 Watchlist for May 1 through May 19 show a number of positive cases reported at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Los Alamos Fire Department:

The “All Rapid Responses” data is a minimally processed dataset that represents positive cases in the workplace that are reported to the Environment Department through the Department of Health or by employers through the mandatory reporting requirement. Think of it as a readout of all positive cases reported as NMED receives them.

Some important notes about this data:

  • Typically, the agency assigned to conduct the rapid response will consolidate multiple positive cases reported on the same day into one rapid response. For example, multiple entries for the same business on the same day may ultimately be counted as one rapid response.
  • All positive cases reported are included in the spreadsheet. Positive cases may include employees who were not in the workplace while infectious (i.e. teleworking or on vacation)
  • Occasionally, an employer reports the same positive case twice. In this case the data will appear as two cases at a single establishment. This error is generally discovered as the rapid response team works with the business. However, due to time and resource constraints we do not retroactively make changes to the “All Rapid Responses” data.
  • The “Agency Assigned” column indicates the state agency that initiated that rapid response. Please contact that agency for more details related to a specific rapid response.

To view the statewide Rapid Response COVID-19 Watchlist, click here.