NMDOT: Days & Nights Of Summer ENDWI Campaign

ALBUQUERQUE According to the New Mexico Department of Transportation’s (NMDOT) Traffic Safety Division, more DWI arrests and traffic violations occur during the summer months.
The 100 Days and Nights of Summer campaign began 10 years ago in an effort to reduce drunk and reckless driving during a 100 day span. Beginning June 23 through Sept. 30, NMDOT in partnership with state and local law enforcement will commence their annual, aggressive action plan surrounding the 4th of July and Labor Day holidays.
In 2018, 100 Days and Nights of Summer resulted in more than 5,000 speeding tickets, 26 DWI arrests and a number of other traffic violations listed below.
  • 5,226 speeding tickets
  • 1,445 uninsured motorist citations
  • 707 seatbelt or child restraint citations
  • 283 suspended or revoked license citations
  • 314 cell phone citations
  • 85 texting citations
  • 12 reckless driving citations
  • 26 DWI arrests; 31 drug arrests
  • 135 misdemeanor arrests
  • 21 felony arrests
  • 26 fugitives apprehended
  • 3,747 other traffic violations
NMDOT Cabinet Secretary Mike Sandoval said, “The commitment to this campaign has proven to be effective in keeping New Mexico drivers and passengers more accountable and aware of their actions.”
For more information on 100 Days and Nights of Summer, visit endwi.com.