Night With A Nerd: Alan Carr On Beyond The Moon

Alan B. Carr

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Abstract: Between 1955 and 1973, LASL (Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory)  attempted to build a reactor engine for space travel intended to carry astronauts far beyond the moon.

The Rover Program, as it was known, successfully produced three reactors suitable for flight testing, including the Phoebus-2A: the most powerful individual reactor of any type ever built.

Unfortunately, the proposed mission to Mars was canceled in the early 1970s and the Rover Program along with it.

Still, the Rover Program changed history.  Beyond the Moon tells the story of this forgotten but amazing program.

Bio: Alan B. Carr was hired by Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2003 after completing his graduate work in history at Texas Tech University. As a historian, he has appraised thousands of sets of records held by Laboratory organizations for historical value. 

Over the years, Alan has produced several publications pertaining to the Manhattan Project, nuclear weapons testing and the Laboratory’s development during the Cold War years. He has lectured for numerous professional organizations and been featured as a guest on many local, national and international radio and television programs. He serves as a Program Manager and the Senior Historian for the Laboratory. 

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