New York Times Science Writer Sandra Blakeslee To Speak at SFI

New York Times’ Science Writer Sandra Blakeslee

SFI News:

New York Times Science Writer Sandra Blakeslee is the featured speaker at a Santa Fe Institute Seminar at 12:15 p.m.Wednesday  in the Collins Conference Room at SFI, 1399 Hyde Park Road in Santa Fe. Those attending are invited to bring their lunch.

Blakeslee’s topic is “Telling Compelling Stories about Science, and Getting it Right.”

Science writing is the art of translating finely crafted technical information into reader friendly prose. It’s about storytelling, the grand adventure of scientific discovery, the lure of uncertainties and cool findings. Unfortunately, most scientists are not altogether comfortable explaining their work to lay audiences, which is why they sometimes turn to science journalists for help when it’s time to go public. 

In this talk, Blakeslee, a science correspondent with the New York Times for more than four decades, will describe the rewards and challenges of this process through the lens of a recent book collaboration (with Dr. Martin Blaser at NYU) on the human microbiome and the effects of antibiotics on our health, particularly our children’s health.