New Mexico Health Care Affordability Fund Set To Deliver Major Savings On Health Insurance For Most People

 Superintendent of Insurance Russell Toal

OSI News:

SANTA FE — New Mexico’s Health Care Affordability Fund is set to deliver major savings to most New Mexicans who qualify for health coverage on

Two critical deadlines are coming up for people looking to purchase coverage for 2023:

  • Dec. 23 – last day to enroll for a Jan. 1 effective date; and
  • Jan. 15, 2023 – last day of Open Enrollment with a Feb. 1 effective date.

“Thousands of people are shopping on and finding health plans that they can afford,”  Superintendent of Insurance Russell Toal said. “And it’s not just lower premiums – deductibles, co-pays, and other out-of-pocket costs are lower than ever before for most shoppers. Don’t miss the opportunity to make sure you  and your family are covered in the new year.” 

Recent surveys show that health care costs are top of mind for New Mexicans. The federal Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and New Mexico’s Health Insurance Marketplace Affordability Program were passed to provide relief to working families.

The Office of Superintendent of Insurance (OSI) developed the Health Insurance Marketplace Affordability Program to provide New Mexicans with more affordable premiums and out-of pocket costs. Turquoise Plans, the new type of coverage with reduced out-of-pocket costs, are available only on  

The Health Insurance Marketplace,, is where people can get coverage if they don’t have access  to other types of health insurance, like Medicaid, Medicare, or employer health plans. New Mexicans can go to, call 833.862.3935, or make an appointment to speak to a local Certified Assister who can  provide free enrollment help to find out how much they can save. 

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