New Mexico Harvest Supports Local Food Networks

New Mexico Harvest has started providing home delivery to Los Alamos and White Rock. Courtesy/NMH

New Mexico Harvest News:

Do we have a broken food system? Some would argue it has been broken for years.

If COVID taught us anything, it’s how much we rely on necessities like fresh food, medicines, and even toilet paper. Prices for foods like garlic have skyrocketed 30 percent as the majority of garlic consumed in the US is produced in China. Meat producer, Tyson Foods, nearly went bankrupt because their processing plants were temporarily shut down due to the pandemic.

People all around the country panic shopped and emptied shelves everywhere. The system failed.

Thankfully our local food system was still here. Like knights in shining armor, our community built the much needed support the national food system could not. Around the state, organizations have launched a vast number of efforts to see our community feed through this pandemic, CSAs being among the heroes in this story.

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA’s, have stepped up and provided massive help during these turbulent times. It’s never been easier to order fresh, local food, and have it delivered to your home or to a convenient pickup location. The amazing growth of new CSAs and overwhelming support of existing ones has helped support farmers when we needed each other the most.

Not only do CSA’s provide their communities with fresh, local food, but that money stays in the local economy. For example, New Mexico Harvest CSA, has already infused more than $1.2 million in the local economy since March 2020.

New Mexico Harvest deals directly with more than 45 local producers, adding 15 new to the network since the beginning of the year.

Thomas Swendson, president of New Mexico Harvest said, “Joining a CSA is arguably the most direct investment in the future of your local food system. Whether you support a single farm for a season or one that works with multiple producers, you put your dollar towards the future harvests. This commitment supports the farmer in their efforts to raise food, the money to support their lives as they work to nourish ours. In celebration of the work and time committed by the stewards of our land, the harvest feeds our community.

“As people return to a life of home cooking, a connection to community and a life that celebrates the passing of seasons, we gain a deeper understanding of the beauty hidden in our enchanting desert.”

Supporting local farmers is not only a great way to support the local economy, but also to support reducing our dependence on foreign produce, reducing our ecological footprint, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and improving the quality of food we give ourselves and family.

For many New Mexican families, food security is being threatened. With more people eating at home, the need for more groceries has increased. New Mexico Harvest CSA primarily delivers food directly to consumers, however, providing food to a larger population will require larger pickup sites like the Farm Stand and Market at La Esquinita (507 4th St SW in Albuquerque). This will allow for more “at-risk” people, families who use the SNAP/EBT/WIC, or someone who is tired of the big box stores, to access healthier, local food, without having to risk going to supermarkets.

New Mexico Harvest has started providing home delivery to Los Alamos and White Rock.

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