New Mexico Airports Receive Second Round Of Funding For Improvement Projects

SANTA FE The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is awarding $3.18 billion in airport infrastructure grants across the United States in 2019.
After the second round of announcements made late last month, the New Mexico Aviation Division would like to recognize 19 additional state communities that will receive more than $12 million in grant installments from the FAA for airport improvement projects statewide.
This means funding for 35 projects will now total more than $19 million. Ninety percent of these projects will be federally funded; the remainder will come from state and local government dollars.
“NMDOT’s Aviation Division works closely with the FAA to ensure New Mexico airports continue to provide a safe and efficient infrastructure,” Transportation Secretary Mike Sandoval said. “The improvement projects largely supported by this funding will increase the state’s safety, emergency response capabilities and could support further economic growth and development within each airport’s region.”
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