New Feature – Craigslist in Marketplace

Trying to sell a piece of furniture you no longer use? Trying to find your daughter a good used mountain bike?

The Los Alamos Daily Post now provides a link to Craigslist (and Freecycle – more below).

Craigslist is the leader in FREE online classifieds. We at the Los Alamos Daily Post have had much luck selling our used items on Craiglist in the past.

Our Craigslist link will take you to items that specify their location as “Los Alamos.” Items for sale in Los Alamos will be displayed.

When you post a classified item to Craigslist, be sure to enter “Los Alamos” in the location field. If you don’t identify the location as “Los Alamos,” the item will not be displayed by our Craiglist link.

We hope you find this feature useful for turning your unused junk into useful hard cash that you can blow on, say, your next big vacation!

You can find our Craigslist link on the Marketplace page. Click the “Marketplace” menu item at the top of this page. Give it a try.

We’ve also just added a link to the Los Alamos Freecycle website, where items are traded and sought for FREE.

These are both external links and the Los Alamos Daily Post is not responsible for their content or use. We offer them as a service to our readers.

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