New Cover Photo For LA Vision 2020 Facebook Group

Los Alamos County Council Vice Chair David Izraelevitz just selected this as his cover photo for his Los Alamos Vision 2020 Facebook Group. He explained that he decided to use a current photo of Ashley Pond (snapped Friday by Los Alamos resident Karen Kendall).‘showing it as the jewel of a park enjoyed by every resident of Los Alamos, juxtaposed with the iconic picture of the pond as the center of wartime Los Alamos.’ He also is using an older photo of the pond. ‘I think the metamorphosis of Ashley Pond from a fire-fighting water reservoir during a desperate effort to end a global war to a beautiful oasis in the center of our community is a metaphor for the changes in Los Alamos itself as a town. Let’s celebrate our history as we keep making Los Alamos a healthier, economically vibrant, progressive community that values its schools, its beautiful surroundings, and each other.’ Photo by Karen Kendall

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