Navajo Nation Announces Support for Heather Wilson

Johnny Naize, speaker of the Navajo Nation Council. Courtesy photo


ALBUQUERQUE — The Navajo Nation, the largest American-Indian reservation in the state, announced its support for Heather Wilson, citing her platform to create jobs and protect New Mexico’s energy industry.

“Mrs. Wilson, you have clearly voiced your stance in support of the jobs and economic revenues that the coal industry represents to our region,” said Johnny Naize, the speaker of the Navajo Nation Council. “Like you we believe in caring for our environment and our people with a balanced approach. We thank you for recognizing that our economic resources empower our ability to serve the basic needs of our people and allows for the exercise of our sovereignty as a Nation. Our Nation and Navajo people are in dire need of leaders such as you who can advocate for sensible solutions and sustainable economic development.”

Heather Wilson. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

In debates, Wilson has hammered Rep. Martin Heinrich saying that he has squandered four years in Washington chasing a “green dream” while New Mexico lost 30,000 jobs. She said that Heinrich recently called coal a “fuel of the past” and voted for cap and trade, which would kill 11,000 jobs in New Mexico and increase the utility bill for every working family by $1,000 every year.

“I am proud to have the support of the Navajo Nation Council,” Wilson said in a news release. “When Congressman Heinrich says ‘coal is the fuel of the past,’ he is telling Navajo coal miners that their jobs are a thing of the past. We couldn’t disagree anymore. I believe in American energy to create jobs and lower our utility bills.”

Letter from Navajo Nation:

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