Nautilus To Perform At Dr. Zee Benefit Concert

The local band, Nautilus, will perform April 21 at the Dr. Zee Benefit Concert. Courtesy Photo


Nautilus is one of the bands performing at the Dr. Zee Benefit Concert  5-8 p.m., April 21 at UNM-LA.

Akash Dighe, lead vocal and lead guitarist, Luc Snyder, lead guitar and rhythm, Jaymes Boe, drums, and Facundo Jaime, bass guitar, have been best friends since middle school. They are grateful to be brought together by their inseparable friendship, but also their passion for music.

Each member’s music experience varies in years, but they expressed how they each have been able to pick up their instruments quickly. They attribute their influence to Pink Floyd, Rebelution and Expendables, all of having played a part in influencing Nautilus’s unique reggae sound today. Though they have been influenced by many incredible talents, they are most inspired by Rebelution whom they watched grow from a small town band to an international inspiration.

Nautilus’s musical work includes timeless covers of their favorite bands, but also a few of their own original works, including “Weightless,” one of their more popular original pieces. Writing their own music has not been a challenge, but rather an opportunity to share their changes with the world.

Dighe said, “Give us a week’s time, we could polish it and make it ready to go!”

Their ease of music writing could be credited to their passion towards their work.

“The greatest feeling is to see the emotion expressed back and connecting with the crowd, it’s a connection you don’t get walking down the street,” Dighe said.

Though Nautilus members are at the tail end of their senior year, they know that they will continue to practice together as they transition down somewhat separate paths. Snyder, Boe and Facundo are all going to UNM in Albuquerque to study engineering or computer science. Dighe will be going to University of California Irvine to study engineering as well.

In the future Nautilus will continue to write and record new music. As they continue to develop their band they plan to add a new vocalist and even sounds like trumpet and saxophone. They will continue to appear in new live gigs, like their most recent performance at the Topper Review. Nautilus showed great enthusiasm for the event and look forward to being a part of Dr. Zee Benefit Concert.