N Square Launches Game Design Competition To Address Nuke Risks

Courtesy/N Square


Nuclear proliferation remains one of the most vexing and complex issues of our time. Though the Cold War ended long ago, today’s nuclear security situation is more volatile than ever. But with such a huge challenge comes an even bigger opportunity for innovation, and who better to tackle this issue than the gaming community, known for their creativity and collaborative problem solving.

A new design competition is calling on innovators to save the world, in real life, by inspiring creative solutions and novel approaches that foster greater understanding of nuclear proliferation and its related safety and security challenges. Games for Change is looking for ideas for games that address the risk of nuclear weapons.

The N Square Challenge is a $10,000 game design competition, sponsored by N Square, a two-year pilot working to inspire nuclear safety solutions. The challenge invites anyone, anywhere, to conceptualize a game that will engage and educate players about the dynamics of nuclear weapons risk. No prior game design experience or subject matter expertise is required. You supply the idea, and we’ll design the game.

The winning design idea will receive a $10,000 cash prize.

Submit your game idea here.

Key Dates

  • Nov. 22: Submissions due

  • Dec. 10: Winner selected and notified


The winning game idea will receive $10,000 and will be developed into a playable game and featured as part of a traveling pop-up innovation lab experience. Development will be done by a third-party game developer if your team is not able. N Square will cover all costs for development and promotion of the full game.


Click here for a complete background, competition guidelines, and criteria.


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