Mountaineers To Hold Second Knot Tying Class Wednesday

Students learn knot tying with the help of Mountaineer instructors at the first session of the knots class. Courtesy/Mountaineers

Los Alamos Mountaineers

Have you always wanted to learn how to tie safe, efficient, and correct knots? Proper knots are essential to rock climbing at all levels. They are used for anchors, tying rope to a harness, rappelling, joining two pieces of rope, and dozens of other uses. They are also useful in everyday life, for safely and securely suspending things, tying things down, towing, and even tree cutting.

As a last session of their climbing school, the Los Alamos Mountaineers will hold a second knots session (Rock Climbing Knots 102) 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 31 at the Los Alamos Nature Center operated by PEEC, at 2600 Canyon Road.

This workshop will build upon the March 29 “Knots & Anchors” program. Kei Davis from the Mountaineers will review basic rock climbing knots from the first class, then go into additional basic knots. While this session stands alone (participants do not need to have attended the initial class), it is also intended to help students from the first session learn their knots at the muscle memory level. This will be a hands-on workshop with additional instructors on hand to help the students. Students will be provided with rope, cord and webbing for practice and to keep.

The instructors will demonstrate and the students will review the water knot, girth hitch, and variations of the double overhand including the double-fisherman’s knot; and as time permits, the prusik, klemheist, bowline, alpine butterfly, flat overhand bend, clove hitch, Munter hitch, and bowline will be demonstrated and practiced.

Registration is limited to 20 participants and advance registration is required – register online at .

Admission is free for PEEC and Los Alamos Mountaineers members, $10/person for non-members.

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