Modern Cataract Surgery: A Photo Essay


Leland Lehman underwent cataract surgery at Eye Associates of Northern New Meixo recently. These days, cataract surgery is a  two-hour “out-patient” surgery with only 10 or 15 minutes of actual operation being performed. This is a photo essay of Lehman’s surgery. Lehman said not only was the operation “way cool,”  the best part is now he can see again!


Surgeon Dr. Kristin Reidy prepares for the operation. Courtesy photo
Leland Lehman in pre-op as the medical professionals prepare him for surgery. Courtesy photo
The anaesthesiologist gets ready to administer the seditive.Courtesy photo
In surgery. Courtesy photo
The cataract before the procedure. Courtesy photo
The cataract is shattered by ultra sound, then removed with suction. Courtesy photo
The new lens being “un-furled” after insertion. Courtesy photo
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