Meet The Orphaned Bear Cubs!

Two healthy, playful bear cubs captured on a recently installed game camera. Courtesy/LEWF

LEWF News:

Dr. Kathleen Ramsay received the two orphaned bear cubs June 25 from the Valles Caldera National Preserve. (Their mother had been euthanized following an attack on a local runner who unknowingly passed beetween her and the cubs.)

Weighing in at about 10 pounds each, Dr. Ramsay went to work to get the cubs used to their new diet of “mush” and fruit, veggies and dog food.

Now, less than a month later, Valley Girl and Cowboy are well over 20 pounds and full of playful energy.


Until now, no pictures had been allowed due to the threat of imprinting the bears to humans. However, working with Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation (LEWF), Dr. Ramsay was able to set up a game camera just outside the cage to capture pictures of the cubs for an eager public to see.

Donations have come in from around the country to help care for the bears, much to the thanks of Dr. Ramsay. These cubs will cost about $12,000 in food to get to a healthy release weight, and in a matter of a couple weeks, Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation has received over $8,500 in donations specifically for the bears.

LEWF would like to thank those who have donated and cared for these wonderful cubs, and welcome any more donations to meet the $12,000 goal.

LEWF and Dr. Ramsay will work to keep and share up to date information on Valley Girl and Cowboy as they continue to grow and learn what it is like to be a bear!

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