Meet Joanne Kozuchowski Participating In 2014 Los Alamos Artists Studio Tour

Art by Joanne Kozuchowski. Courtesy photo

ART News:

This year’s Los Alamos Artists Studio Tour is Oct. 11-12 and the Los Alamos Daily Post is featuring a “Get to Know Your Artist” series leading up to the annual event.

Each of the 16 artists participating in the tour will be showcased prior to the beginning of the tour to allow our readers an opportunity to learn about them and their work.

Meet Los Alamos artist Joanne Kozuchowski:

Joanne Kozuchowski will tell you that her life as an artist did not truly begin until she left the confines of the city of Chicago in 2003 and moved to the beautiful skies and sweeping vistas of the west.

Where others might see a dry rocky desert composed of little more than nondescript, brown dirt; she sees the undulations of the mountains, the shadows of the clouds on the scorched desert ground, the magnificent skies in late summer monsoon season, the brief flash in time of the red of the claret cup cactus. These are, to her, some of the most beautiful things.

Kozuchowski creates her glass landscape designs, and chooses her glass with an eye to showcasing the brilliant colors, patterns and textures that surround us every day in all things small and large. Her more abstract works are inspired by the organic forms, shapes and juxtaposition of colors of the natural world that have caught her eye and stayed with her throughout her creative process.

In addition to stained glass, she also lends her artistic talents to fused glass and photography. Stained glass however remains her first love and true obsession. She views it as the ultimate collaboration between artist and nature. For after all the planning, cutting and construction, the piece is not completely done until the moment it is held up to be illuminated by the sunlight.

And that moment, after all these years, still remains a moment that amazes and captivates her.

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