Max Schulze is 2012 World Champion Unicyclist

Unicyclist Max Schulze of Los Alamos, second from left, on the awards platform in Italy as the World Champion – Observed Trials. Photo by Roland Schulze

Los Alamos unicyclist Max Schulze has returned home from the Unicycle World Championships held last month in Italy, as an undisputed World Champion.

"The highlights from the competition for me are that mostly the entire event is a great experience," Schulze said. "Getting to see friends from across the world who share the common passion of unicycling is amazing. It is like we are all a gigantic family for two weeks every two years at UNICON. There definitely is competition between the riders but the comradery and friendship is even greater. One of the coolest moments for me was during the trials finals when I completed a section I had been trying for about 10 minutes. It was the eighth and final section I ended up completing during the finals. The most difficult move on it was riding up an elevated metal railing that sloped upwards to a large stack of pallets. At the end of the railing, you had to jump up about a meter to reach the top of the stack. When I landed it the spectators made so much noise I was super fired up and happy."

Schulze said that his greatest competitive challenge was probably keeping his head on straight and not sketching his self out about the obstacles or the other competitors.

"I had to remember that this is what I practiced for and that as long as I focus, I'll do well," he said.

Schulze attained the following results in Italy: 

  • Observed Trials World Champion
  • Speed Trials World Champion
  • Street Finalist (top 6, qualified 4th)
  • High Jump 3rd place (4 way tie for 3rd place at height of 120 cm)

Unicon is the World Unicycling Convention and Championships sanctioned by the International Unicycling Federation.

"I came away from UNICON even more motivated to keep unicycling, learn new tricks, and push the sport even further," Schulze said. "I had tons of fun and was reminded that unicycling is one of the most fun activities I can think of doing. I will continue to travel to unicycle competitions in the US and overseas not only for the competitive aspect but for the chance to spend time with friends from around the world who share the same passion as I do."

Editor's Notes: Schulze also holds titles as the Unicycle 2010 Trials World Champion, the 2010 High Jump World Champion, and the 2011 U.S. Trials Street and High Jump Champion. Schulze is one of only two unicyclist in the world doing front flips and likely the only unicyclist doing front flips on flat ground.

Max Schulze competes at the Unicycle World Championships in Italy. Photo by Roland Schulze

Photo by Roland Schulze


A short video of highlights from Unicon 16:

Click HERE to view a photo gallery of Schulze practicing in Los Alamos, taken by Los Alamos photographer Minesh Bacrania.

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