Martin Heinrich Shows Concern for Non-Voters, Too

By Amy Storey


My friend Karyl Ann Armbruster and her 2-year-old “son” Oz Einstein Armbruster were out talking with voters last week about U.S. Rep. Martin Heinrich who is running for the U.S. Senate.


The plan was to canvas a few more houses on her list, go home, clean up, and attend the Martin Heinrich event a few hours later.


Unfortunately, after talking for several minutes at one particular residence, a 50-pound dog suddenly charged out of the house and attacked little 16-pound Oz who was straining on his leash five-feet away.


The owner grabbed the dog and successfully got him off Oz and into the house, but Oz had been bitten.


The unexpected trip to the Santa Fe Emergency Vet regrettably canceled the meeting with Congressman Heinrich that night.


A pleasant surprise came a few days later when Karyl Ann’s phone rang showing a 202 area code. It was Congressman Martin Heinrich. He called because he heard about Oz’s “injury in the line of duty” and wanted to see how he was doing.


Karyl Ann told him Oz had staples in his chest but was recovering completely and quickly. Oz and Karyl Ann were pleased to know Congressman Heinrich even cares about those who cannot vote!


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