Martin Heinrich Launches First Digital Ad And Website Of His Re-Election Campaign

U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich
ALBUQUERQUE  Sen. Martin Heinrich released the first digital ad Wednesday of his re-election campaign for the U.S. Senate and launched his new campaign website at
The ad highlights Martin’s work to grow New Mexico’s economy and his vision for New Mexico’s future. 
“As a senator, I’ve worked to diversify New Mexico’s economy and create new jobs by positioning New Mexico as a leader in renewable energy and securing forward-looking missions for our military installations,” Sen. Heinrich said. “This ad captures the work I’ve done in the Senate and my vision for the future of New Mexico – a future that embraces our clean energy potential, rebuilds the middle class, and brings opportunity to every corner of the state.”   
Can you hear it? 
It’s the sound of what’s possible.
When our values are in tune with the needs of our people.
It’s the soundtrack of New Mexico’s economic future.
A steady beat of job creation.
Stable, good-paying jobs that will power our future.
And we need more of them.  Because families are still struggling.
That’s why I’m working so hard to get New Mexico back on track.
I delivered tax incentives that are driving a clean energy boom so there’s opportunity in every corner of the state.
When red tape in Washington was preventing us from selling our energy out of state I fought to build a new, major transmission line – a billion-dollar investment in our future.
To diversify our economy, I secured hundreds of millions of dollars for our national labs and defense sector that fuel growth in high tech industries where New Mexico is becoming a leader.
And I worked hand-in-hand with our military bases to expand their missions to meet the challenges of the future and ensure that our military jobs are secure.
I’m working every day to invest in a better future for New Mexico.
There is still so much to do but I can feel the energy – feel the momentum.
And I’m not going to stop until all New Mexicans are thriving.
Together, let’s write an anthem for what’s possible.
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