Martin Arellano To Run For Sandoval County Sheriff

Santa Fe Sheriff’s Deputy Martin Arellano has announced his candidacy for the Office of Sandoval County Sheriff. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos

Retired U. S. Army command sergeant major and current Santa Fe Sheriff’s Deputy Martin Arellano has announced his candidacy for Sandoval County Sheriff. Current Sheriff Douglas Wood is in his second four-year term and will not be eligible for reelection in June 2018.

A resident of Rio Rancho, Arellano says since his childhood he has had two ambitions in life.

“The first was to serve in the military as my father did in World War II and my oldest brother during the Vietnam War, both of whom were drafted. The second was to serve my community in a law enforcement capacity,” Arellano said. “I have achieved both and there is no further gratification I seek personally.”

He says he seeks the honorary office with proven leadership and that with his training as a deputy sheriff and proud soldier he has gained the intuition, skills and knowledge to lead the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office.

“As counties grow in population, it is the Sheriff’s responsibility to anticipate and be proactive to the social issues change often brings,” Arellano said. He promises to cooperate with all law enforcement agencies, local businesses, Native American Pueblos, veterans organizations and civic groups as well as youth and school programs to keep in tune with the community and translate information into proactive policing.

Arellano says his vision is to build a cohesive team in the Sheriff’s Office with respect and discipline as commonplace as a salute in the military. He promises to focus on compensation, entitlements, promotions, recognition, opportunities for advanced schooling and continued development of skilled managers. He also promises to take care of the families of those serving their communities in the Sheriff’s Office.

A graduate of Taos High School in 1986, Arellano enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1987 and retired in 2007. His last position with the army was as senior advisor for a Southern California recruiting battalion of more than 300 noncommissioned and commissioned officers. He graduated from the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy in 2009. He and Sheila, his wife of 25 years have three children.