Los Lunas School Board Suspended For Nefarious Activities

Los Lunas School Board President Eloy G. Giron, Vice President P. David Vickers, Secretary Frank A. Otero and members Bryan C. Smith and Steven R. Otero have been suspended indefinitely. Courtesy photo


Cabinet Secretary Ryan Stewart sent a letter Wednesday to Los Lunas School Board members notifying them of their immediate suspension due to severe, un-remediated, and persistent impairment of the educational process by certain members.

Board members are not allowed to contact school staff or use school equipment or facilities during the indefinite suspension, and they cannot use the board’s attorney to represent them.

Superintendent Arsenio Romero, Ph.D. 

Los Lunas Schools Superintendent Arsenio Romero, Ph.D. will now answer directly to the state education department.

Reports first surfaced last November that members of the Los Lunas School Board were apparently running amuck.

The state education department warned the board at that time of the violations and provided training to board members in January and March regarding rules and laws that must be followed.

Reported violations to which the PED reportedly has credible evidence includes concerns related to ethics, procurement and public access.

The 4-page letter from Secretary Ryan to the Los Lunas School Board: