Los Alamos Watched Amber Cline Grow Up

Amber Cline today, with her welding tools and projects. Photo by Don Taylor


Amber Cline, aged six in this photo, was a familiar presence at Aspen Copies as she grew up. Courtesy photo

Amber Cline, the daughter of Dawn and James Cline, owners of Aspen Copies & Office Supplies, grew up at the store, beginning when she was three weeks old. Now she has graduated from Los Alamos High School and is on her way to college. Hundreds of people watched as Amber grew from baby to accomplished young woman.

Amber would like to invite customers from Aspen Copies who watched her grow up, those that made an impact on her life and her long time friends to stop by Aspen Copies for an invitation to her graduation party June 9.

“ I want to thank everyone for their support and to say goodbye,” Cline said.

Cline has been accepted by four colleges and has decided to go to Lincoln College of Technology in Denver to pursue a career in welding  technology this fall. She fell in love with welding when she was 14 at UNM summer school. She has taken all the welding classes she could at UNM-Los Alamos, and even did an internship for the welding shop through CIC, with the mentorship of the welding shop teacher, Raymond (Skip) Canfield.

“Skip became a big part in encouraging me to push my welding skills further,” Cline said. “I learned so much from Skip and I cannot thank him enough for pushing me towards my dream.”

Cline has received scholarships from the following: American Welding Society, Elizabeth Angela Ladino Memorial Scholarship, Kiwanis Club, LA Rotary, Lucille McCleskey Memorial Scholarship, Shirley Fries Alumni Scholarship, and Lincoln Tech. These scholarships help her pay for books and tuition.

“ I want to thank everyone so much for these awards to help me achieve my goals,”  she said. “Living in Denver will be a big change for me, and a new and exciting chapter in my life”