Los Alamos Triatomics Club 2013 Christmas Lights Runs Take Off Dec. 2


The Los Alamos Triatomics Club 2013 Christmas Lights Runs begin Dec. 2. Here’s an opportunity to check out the Christmas lights around town and get in a little exercise to burn off that extra slice of Thanksgiving pie.

Runners will wind through Los Alamos neighborhoods to check out the holiday lights. The routes are mostly on quiet residential streets to avoid the noise and smell of traffic. Non club members are welcome to join in the runs, which are scheduled every Monday and Wednesday night until Christmas or there are ice patches on the streets.

This year, Monday nights will be a bit shorter and flat (2.3 to 3 miles) and Wednesday nights a bit longer with more hills (4.7 to 6.5). The pace for the Monday runs might be 11-12 minutes/mile. The pace for the Wednesday runs might be 9-10 minutes/mile depending on hills. No runner is left behind. Once the sidewalks/streets are icy, the Christmas Light Runs are likely finished for the year so plan to run early to not miss out.

• Start time is 6:15 p.m. sharp. Be warmed up and ready to go.
• Wear something light and/or reflective.
• Wear a headlamp or carry a flashlight, the streets are dark in places and lots of lights make it easier for the cars to spot the runners.
• Leashed dogs are fine.
• These are fun runs, not competitive or speed/endurance building.
• If it’s snowing the race is on. Running at night during an active snow storm is a hoot! Icy streets will shut down the race.

Last minute changes or cancellations will be posted on the www.facebook.com/triatomics and mailed to contacts@triatomics.org.

To find out more about the Triatomics Club or see the schedule online, visit www.triatomics.org or www.facebook.com/triatomics.