Los Alamos Rabbi Jack Shlachter Speaks On Rabbi-In-Residence Experience In Bejiing

Rabbi Jack Shlachter of Los Alamos with the Chinese-style holy ark and torah at Kehillat Beijing. Photo by Beverly M. Post
Members of Kehillat Beijing progressive Jewish community go for a group bike ride. Photo by Beverly M. Post. More photos from Rabbi Jack Shlachter’s trips to Beijing to support the Jewish community can be found on his website: www.physicsrabbi.com.

LAJC News:

Kehillat Beijing (www.sinogogue.org) is a progressive, lay-led community of American and international ex-patriots, business people and travelers in Beijing. Rabbi Jack Shlachter of Los Alamos has served as visiting rabbi-in-residence for the congregation since High Holidays 2014.

In this slide-show/talk with photos by his wife Beverly, Rabbi Shlachter shares their experiences interacting with and serving Beijing’s Jewish community and some general observations of China. Rabbi Shlachter’s talk is titled “Hi Ho at the Houhai.” Hi Ho is rabbinic shorthand for High Holidays. Houhai – pronounced ‘hoe hi’ – is a lake in central Beijing.

Shlachter’s talk is 6:45 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 10 at the Los Alamos Jewish Center at 2400 Canyon Road.