Los Alamos Parks Are Winterized

The cover over the stage at Ashley Pond Park has been removed for the winter. Courtesy/LAC


It’s that time of year when Los Alamos County parks have been winterized.

The cover over the stage at Ashley Pond Park has been removed, the large boulders have been put in front of the road leading to Camp May, and the water in the parks is turned off.

The PROS Division stops issueing park reservations and field permits Nov. 1 through April 1. Local parks and fields will remain open but this means that utilization of shelters and fields in the parks will be on a first-come, first-served basis without services.

At Ashley Pond Park, the stage cover and lights have been removed and placed into storage for the winter. At Camp May, large boulders have been put in the road way up to Camp May to prevent people from driving vehicles up there in the winter as the roads and camp sites are not maintained and present a safety issue.

For additional information regarding winter preparations for parks, contact the office by email at lacrec@lacnm.us or call 505.662.8159.


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