Los Alamos Magistrate Court Releases Warrant List


Judge Pat Casados has released a list of warrants active as of noon, Jan. 2 from Los Alamos Magistrate Court.

“We are cleaning house and want to get these warrants cleared up if possible,” Judge Casados said. “We plan to post our outstanding warrants on a monthly basis and hope those on the list will be prompted to take the necessary steps to resolve them.”

Judge Casados stressed that no amnesty program is in effect for the warrants.

Any defendant who needs more information is encouraged to contact the Court at 505.662.2727 or the New Mexico Warrant Hotline, 575.524.5860 or 505.896.9494. Defendants also may email the warrant team at MagCollections@nmcourts.gov.

Defendants also may stop by the Magistrate Court on the second floor at the Los Alamos Justice Center at 2500 Trinity Dr. in Los Alamos.