Los Alamos Junior Wrestling Completes 2018 Season

Los Alamos Junior Wrestling team title, city and state champions and finishers: Jack and Miles Simon, Cade Rich, Peyton Johnson, Nathan Duffield, Tyven Beaux, Gunner Moore, Blake Roberts, Andrew and Isaac Manzanares, Dylan McKee and Matt Brousseau and coaches Ken and Chandler. Not pictured is Bryce Dispenette. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Junior Wrestling team champions. Courtesy photo

The Los Alamos Junior Wrestling (LAJW) season has come to an end and has completed practices and all competitive events.
The team started with 20 wrestlers and 13 progressed to compete in AAU-sanctioned tournaments. LAJW coaching through the YMCA is dedicated to providing basic fundamentals of wrestling in all phases of grappling while focusing on discipline, commitment, hard work and instilling love of the sport. This is meant to prepare them for middle and high school wrestling opportunities as well as life challenges.
The 2018 LAJW team produced several city and state champions in multiple events spanning many weight classes between Kindergarden-6th grade. As a result of the efforts of all the team members – Los Alamos Junior Wrestling from the YMCA in their last tournament solidified a 2nd Place – Small School title. Chandler Lauritzen provided assistant coaching and is a product of  LAJW, LAMS and LAHS wrestling programs.
Over the last few years the program has gained ground with improvements in coaching and youth participation culminating in 1st Place Small School, 2016; 3rd Place – Small School, 2017; and now 2nd Place – Small School, 2018. This year there were six teams from Northern New Mexico / Santa Fe in the Small School bracket. LAJW encourages girls to join the team in the future and look forward to more competition in the coming years. LAJW would like to thank The Family YMCA for its continued support of the LAJW program.
Shared goals for the future would be to get cost-effective, dedicated space with room for more mats and equipment; obtaining sponsors for uniforms; and development of the program to a club for continued learning year round practicing opportunities.
To help us make those goals a reality, contact Ken Nadeau at nadeau410@msn.com.