Local Unofficial Results Are In From Votes Cast Today

We apologize but due to technical difficulties we cannot live stream election results this evening from the Los Alamos County Municipal Building. We do have unofficial numbers to report from ballots cast today at the Municipal Building, Golf Course and White Rock Library. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.com

Staff Report

Unofficial Results for votes cast today (Some 40 percent of the total. Early and Absentee are being counted):

State Representative Dist. 43:

Sharon Stover (GOP) 1,414

Stephanie Garcia Richard (Dem) 1,237

County Council:

Steven Girrens (GOP) 1,228

Pete Sheehey (Dem) 1,154

Jaret McDonald (GOP) 1,128

Antonio Magiorre (Dem) 1,077

Patrick Brenner (GOP) 1,041

Chris Chandler (DEM (910)

County Clerk:

Naomi Maestas (GOP) 1,497

Amy Woods (Dem) 998

Probate Judge:

Anne Nobile (IND) 1,238

Abe Dispennette (GOP) 1.213

Question 1:

Against 1,480

For 1.054

Bond C:

For 1,424

Against 1,050

District Attorney:

Yvonne Chicoine (GOP) 1,517

Marco Serna (GOP) 969

Secretary of State:

Nora Espinoza (GOP) 1,436

Maggie Toulouse Oliver (Dem) 1,134

U.S. Representative:

Ben Ray Lujan (Dem) 1358

Michael Romero (GOP) 1,267