Local Doctor Arrested on Multiple Charges

Pavel Mourachov

By Carol A. Clark

Police arrested Dr. Pavel V. Mourachov of Los Alamos Wednesday evening and charged him with assault on a peace officer, DWI and resisting/evading/obstructing officers during his arrest.

A call from a family member came into police dispatch at 7:35 p.m. reporting that Mourachov, 40, may be suicidal.

The dispatch operator advised Corporal Adam R. Jung and Ofc. Robert Stephens that Mourachov, a urologist at Los Alamos Medical Center, had made statements that he was suicidal and was willing to commit “suicide by cop.”

Dispatch also advised the responding officers that weapons were reported to be in his home at 390 El Conejo, that Mourachov had threatened to shoot police if they showed up and that he had taken medication.

When no one answered the door at Mourachov’s home, Sgt. Jeremy Duran directed dispatch to call the home in an effort to make contact.

After speaking with Mourachov, dispatch reported that he said that he did not want to hurt himself or others and that the officers were trespassing on his property and he would not speak with them without a warrant.

Jung was positioned outside the home and reported that he heard what sounded like the action of a firearm being operated.

“I heard the noise again and also heard what sounded like ammunition from a firearm hit the floor,” Jung said in his report. “At one point I did observe the subject exit an upstairs room, step out onto the balcony, then reenter the house.”

Officers ultimately took Mourachov into custody in the garage area of the residence where he had attempted to back out in a yellow Audi, according to the police report.

When the officers approached the Audi, Mourachov pulled forward into the garage and tried to shut the door with the garage door opener.

Officers disengaged the garage door from the drive chain by activating the emergency release lever.

Capt. Randy Foster and Det. Sgt. Oliver Morris assisted at the scene.

Police observed that Mourachov’s speech was slow, his actions lethargic. He told police that he had taken drugs at about 4 p.m. and agreed to submit to a series of standardized field sobriety tests, which he failed.

Mourachov refused to submit to testing but later agreed to have his blood drawn in the emergency room at LAMC.

Once in custody, police requested medical personnel to evaluate whether Mourachov had injuries, none were observed nor did he complain of any, according to the report.

Ofc. Oliver McCartney reported that Mourachov was reluctant to cooperate with medical personnel when asked if he had taken any medication.

Two prescription bottles of unknown types of medication were in his Audi.

Police transported Mourachov to LAMC for emergency mental health evaluation and care.

Police found him to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor and/or drugs and placed under arrest.

His wife told police that he never threatened her and that she never felt threatened when he was loading his firearms and threatening suicide and threatening to shoot others to include; the police, a billing associate of their business,Advanced Urology of New Mexico, LLC, who lives in Arizona as well as the child of the billing associate, according to the report.

She also said that she is worried Mourachov will hurt himself or others, adding that he had charges pending from anger issues at the airport in Phoenix, Ariz., and was ordered to participate in an anger management program for that incident.

Mourachov remains in custody pending a court hearing.


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