Local Author E. E. Giorgi’s New Novel Launches Monday As Part Of Unique Collaboration

 Cover of ‘Immunity,’ by E. E. Giorgi. Courtesy photo


Monday—in an unprecedented publishing event—Wonderment Media, Inc. (WMI), will launch five new novels in its brand world, Apocalypse Weird. One of them is local artist and writer E.E. Giorgi.

This first-of-its-kind collaboration among two dozen authors, editors, graphic designers and marketing professionals is spearheaded by USA Today bestselling author Michael Bunker and Nick Cole, author of The Old Man and the Wasteland and Soda Pop Soldier. Cole’s The Red King—the first AW novel made free to readers in Nov. 2014—introduced readers to this expansive world.

Apocalypse Weird (AW) is an epic collection of multiple, converging story lines directed by an overarching narrative created by WMI. Leading authors of speculative fiction, specifically recruited by WMI, are building the AW world from the ground up, each with his or her own unique take on the apocalypse as it unfolds in his or her reality.

These individual arcs will fold into the larger AW meta-story arc as it develops based on fan feedback. AW’s creative model is The Marvel Universe, wherein multiple storylines intersect with crossover characters and plot elements. Rather than comics, AW’s delivery formats are electronic and print novels.

Each e-novel contains virtual “Easter eggs”—tailored, multimedia content to enhance the AW experience for readers.

In addition to the five novels officially launching AW Feb. 23, WMI will publish two additional novels each month for the next five years.

In Giorgi’s Immunity, few resilient scientists remain, gathered in one of the last national laboratories (could it be LANL?) still working on a vaccine. When the disease starts spreading within the soldiers guarding the laboratory, bloody carnage reigns.

Immunologist Anu Sharma pairs up with computer geek David Ashberg to find a cure and escape the massacre. Outbreak meets World War Z in the deserts of Apocalypse Weird.

E.E. Giorgi grew up in Tuscany, in a house on a hill that she shared with two dogs, two cats, five chickens, and the occasional batches of stick insects, newts and toads her dad would bring home from his lab.

Today, Giorgi is a scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory as well as an award winning author and photographer. She spends her days analyzing genetic data, her evenings chasing sunsets, and her nights pretending she’s somebody else.

On her blog at  http://chimerasthebooks.blogspot.com/, Giorgi. discusses science for the inquiring mind, especially the kind that sparks fantastic premises and engaging stories. Her debut novel Chimeras, a medical mystery, is a 2014 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award winner.