Living Labyrinths for Peace Autumn Gratitude Celebration Nov. 23

Farolito Prayer Circle. Courtesy/LLPC

LLPC News:

The public is invited to celebrate at the Living Labyrinths for Peace Autumn Gratitude Celebration 3-9 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 23 at Living Labyrinths for Peace Center,
1021 Salazar, Suite DD in Taos.

The Celebration includes:

• Dance to the music of ALL ONE TRIBE – gypsy, flamenco, desert tribal.
• Light up the images with your steps on the “Dance of the Labyrinth.”
• Browse LL4P’s new Light Box Exhibit.
• Enjoy refreshments and psychic readings and drawings for prizes.
• Follow the Rainbow of Lights to your own heart’s center.
• Offer prayers and peace wishes during the 7 p.m. farolito ceremony.


The labyrinth, a metaphor for life’s journey, is an ancient symbol found worldwide: a winding path that combines the circle and spiral—symbols of wholeness, unity, and transformation. Unlike mazes which have many paths, the single winding path of a labyrinth moves back and forth to the center, requiring only that the walker place one foot in front of the other.

Often the experience slows the breathing, focuses the mind, and induces a peaceful state of being. The threefold single path represents the cycles of life, death and rebirth: One enters with some life intention, comes to the center to die to an old form of being, and returns to the world reborn.

The interactive installation, “Dance of the Labyrinth,” invites you to do a “Light Fantastic” by causing computer programmed light box images to light up to your steps. Beginning this
meditative walk with the “Moonlight Sequence,” with the black lights and phosphorescent paint, you first light up the Earth Path or Physical Path. The photo montages—superimposed images
of mummies and icons, people and animals—upon which you step are like Rorschach images that you bring your individual experience. They are intended to help you journey through life’s
labyrinth: to make decisions, resolve conflicts, and bring peace.

You continue on the Emotional Water Path, Thinking Fire Path, Spiritual Air Path, Changing Elements Path, and Merging Elements Path where you see an intense face: Is it animal or human, male or female, happy or sad, living or dying? Now you can stand on a central mirror to confront yourself. As you listen with your mind and heart to your higher power, try to unite the darkness and light within yourself. You may leave the labyrinth, with more inner peace to help world peace.

The Vision of Living Labyrinths for Peace, Inc. is to unite Art, Science, Technology and Nature with Spirit by providing labyrinth creations and education that lead the way from Inner Peace to World Peace. Find Yourself in a Labyrinth. Give Inner Peace a chance.

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