Little Theatre Announces Featured Short Plays For ‘8×10’

LALT News:

The Los Alamos Little Theatre’s showcase of one-act plays, ‘8×10,’ will take place in November.

“We are very pleased that this season’s ‘8×10’ production features exclusively playwrights connected to the region,” Co-producer Kelli Guider said. “This production is a great opportunity for first-time directors and actors, or anyone who wants to explore his or her creative side.”

Auditions for the plays are 2-5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 8, and Sunday, Aug. 9 at the Performing Arts Center (aka the Little Theatre), 1670 Nectar St. in Los Alamos.

Persons who would like to audition but are not able to make those times are encouraged to contact co-producer John Gustafson at Copies of the scripts are available at Mesa Public Library and the White Rock branch for perusal and overnight checkout.


At the Convention by Jeanne Adkins

  • Directed by Jeanne Adkins
  • A mother takes her son and his friend to a sci-fi convention to get the autograph of a noted author.

Changing Ella by John Meiners, Jr.

  • Directed by Michael Adkins
  • In the spooky Louisiana bayou a young couple discovers they have more in common than they had imagined.

Dog Story by Gary Dantzig

  • Directed by Katrina Koehler
  • A man and woman and their dogs meet in a park and discover common ground among their perceived differences.

Gringo Chief by Deborah Magid

  • Directed by Holly Robinson
  • A woman learns that the truth is the best way to get a reaction from her inattentive husband.

Incardine by Alix Hudson

  • Directed by Iain May
  • A discussion of homework at a train station draws in some interested bystanders.

Swerving by Bob Benjamin

  • Directed by Sally Cassil
  • An elderly man driving his mint-condition Corvair gets pulled over by a motorcycle cop and an eye-opening conversation ensues.

There’s More to Life than Being Happy by Deborah Magid

  • Directed by Stuart Rupprecht
  • Based on a true story, this play looks at a critical moment in the life of Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor.

Time After Time by Gary Dontzig

  • Directed by Beth Wysocki
  • An older couple is able to give insight to a younger couple at a crossroads.

LALT’s 2015-16 season opens in September with the classic play “Harvey” by Mary Chase, directed by Gwen Lewis.

LALT is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that has been providing theatre to the Los Alamos community for more than 70 years.

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