Lights On Los Alamos … And Howl At Dusk March 24!


At their meeting March 23, the Los Alamos County Council will read a special proclamation that has been written as a moment of reflection on the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on lives in Los Alamos County.

The proclamation also will thank all who have assisted the community during this difficult time.

In recognition of the many health care workers, essential workers and public safety employees, organizations, businesses and individuals who have been steadfast and contributed so much during the challenges of the pandemic, community members are invited to turn on porch lights or other lights around their homes at dusk Wednesday, March 24.

In addition, the proclamation will state a special request to join family, friends and neighbors at 8 p.m. to “step outside and howl” to recognize the community’s on-going commitment, resiliency and solidarity in fighting the coronavirus. 

“Although Los Alamos has now reached ‘turquoise’ status, the path ahead through this pandemic will require everyone in Los Alamos to keep up the good fight. We need to continue to support the re-opening of our schools and businesses. That can only be accomplished if we continue to observe COVID-Safe Practices to wear a face mask, stay at home unless travel is necessary, and socially distance from others. I would encourage individuals to get the vaccine as it becomes more widely available this spring and summer,” Chair Randall Ryti said. “We have made great progress in the last year through our community’s support and cooperation, and I hope the community will join us the evening of March 24 for this show of appreciation and solidarity.”