Lightning struck this tree Friday afternoon about 300 feet from the LAHS golf team during a practice session at the Los Alamos Golf Course. Photo by Jon Doorn 
Los Alamos Daily Post

A powerful bolt of lightning splintered a tree Friday at the Los Alamos Golf Course near 16 Los Alamos High School Golf Team members and four coaches.

The strike occurred at around 4 p.m., about 300 feet away from where the team was practicing.

Sam Crooks, 15, described the experience during an interview today with the Los Alamos Daily Post.

“I felt electricity run through me. It was one of the loudest sounds I have ever heard,” Crooks said. “It seemed like just a normal day with light rain and then the lightning came without warning … it just came out of nowhere.”

The team and coaches ran for the club house, Crooks said, adding that his teammates said they also felt a light electrical shock.

“It felt like when you touch a door knob and get a little shock but it went all through me,” he said.

A guy brought a piece of bark from the burnt tree and showed it to us, Crooks said. “We were lucky it hit the tree and not us because we were holding metal golf clubs.” 

He said that the team waited about an hour until the sky cleared before going back out to finish their practice session.