Countries U.S. Government Doesn’t Want You Visiting


By All Time Lists:

For safety concerns, the U.S. government has issued travel advisories on several countries. Here are 10 of them:

10. Libya

According to an article published by MSN, the U.S. State Department has a standing “do not travel” advisory on Libya. The country has been unstable since its dictator was toppled in 2011. The government is unable to control crime, for the most part, and extremist groups are known to target foreign travelers, particularly those from the U.S.

But, for those of you old enough to remember, you know that Libya’s issues go back further than that. The

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Posts From The Road: Tent Rocks Near Cochiti Pueblo

Cone-shaped rock formations at Kasha-Katuwe National Monument near Cochiti Pueblo south of Santa Fe. Photo by Gary Warren/

A view from the trail in the slot canyon looking directly up through the rock formations as the sun hides behind the canyon walls. Photo by Gary Warren/

Formerly of Los Alamos

Having lived in Los Alamos for 30 years, I had heard about the tent rocks near Cochiti Pueblo but had never been to see the rock formations. During a recent visit to Los Alamos, we took a day and discovered what this park was all about.

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Fr. Glenn: Dogged Determination

By Fr. Glenn Jones

A happy La Fête Nationale for all you French folk out there, or “Bastille Day” for we non-French speakers. Americans have camaraderie with you in having our independence day so near your own, as we benefited the early assistance of the likes of the Marquis de Lafayette in our own struggle for independence. Viva la France! … y’all. Let Le Marseillaise ring all around.

In recalling these days of independence, one cannot help but admire that dogged determination and self-sacrifice offered by those who were in the midst of those landmark historical times and events. A difficult way

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Knights Of Columbus Hosts 20th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament At Los Alamos Golf Course

Scene of sponsor signs for the 20th Annual Knights of Columbus Scholarship Golf Tournament. Courtesy/KOC
KOC News:
The 20th Annual Knights of Columbus Scholarship Golf Tournament was held June 22 at the Los Alamos County Golf Course.
Forty eight golfers participated in a four-person scramble to help raise money for graduating Los Alamos High School seniors from the class of 2020.
The golf tournament was successful because of sponsorship from many local families, merchants, and corporations. Many prizes of gift certificates for merchandise and services were

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Introducing White Rock Baptist Church

From left, White Rock Baptist Church Interim Pastor Mike Habermehl, Interim Youth Minister Justin Smith and Children’s Ministry Coordinator Haley Gayner at the church Tuesday at 80 N.M. 4 . Photo by Jenn Bartram/
From left, White Rock Baptist Church Interim Pastor Mike Habermehl, Children’s Ministry Coordinator Haley Gayner Interim and Youth Minister Justin Smith outside the church Tuesday at 80 N.M. 4. Photo by Jenn Bartram/
By Interim Pastor Mike Habermehl
White Rock Baptist Church

White Rock Baptist Church (WRBC) was established

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How The Hen House Turns: Dogs Blur The Line

Willy the dog. Courtesy/Cary Neeper
Formerly of Los Alamos
“The Dog’s Mind: Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior” by veterinarian Bruce Fogle (New York, Howell Book House, 1990), given all the recent studies on animal behavior, I’m amazed at the insights this author made THIRTY years ago.
In his Introduction, he claims that we “draw a clear line” between ourselves and other animals, including cats, but “…we blur the line with dogs.”
Recent studies now challenge that clear line between humans and all other animals, but that will have to wait for another

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2019 Los Alamos ScienceFest Discovery Day Activities Schedule, Trolley And Parking Map

ScienceFest Trolley and Parking Map. Courtesy/LACD

ScienceFest  News:

The community is welcome to attend ScienceFest fun, all weekend long, as Discovery Day kicks off 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

You may have seen some fun promotional tickets, but organizers want to make sure everyone knows that the large event in Los Alamos downtown area is free, no ticket needed! A small number of activities require fees or pre-registration to participate. You can see the entire list at

This weekend includes a variety of food vendors, inflatables, photo

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Cone Zone: Week Of July 15, 2019


The Public Works/Traffic Division provides the latest updates on the following projects: 

Mesa Public Library West Parking Lot Closure:

The Mesa Public Library West Parking Lot will be closed July 15-17, while County crews repave the lot. Work hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Manhole Repairs – Ponderosa Estates in Los Alamos: 

Crews continue adjusting manholes in Ponderosa Estates along Aspen Drive, Sumac Lane and Maple Drive. Work is scheduled to continue through the end of July. The concrete being used is a high strength mix and requires a cure time;

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Two Navajo Women Awarded Los Alamos-based Julie’s Helpers Memorial Scholarships

Chantell Yazzie
JHMS News:
Presleigh Smiley has a 10-year plan to become one of the first Navajo clinical psychologists to serve her people. Chantell Yazzie is equally determined to serve the Navajo Nation as a registered nurse, specializing in labor and delivery.
Both young women are receiving scholarship aid from the Los Alamos-based Julie’s Helpers Memorial Scholarship, administered through White Rock Presbyterian Church.
Presleigh Smiley
The scholarship honors the memory of Julie Meadows, a young mother and LANL employee who died of a brain tumor

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Los Alamos Church Of Christ Announces New Youth Minister Jared Shipley

Jared Shipley, new youth minister at Los Alamos Church of Christ, and his wife Sydnee. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

Jared Shipley is the new youth minister at the Los Alamos Church of Christ.

“Young people need a place where they can practice their faith, question it and grow in it,” Shipley said. “Church can’t be a social club. Christians have to go deeper than that.”

He plans learning and service projects, in addition to teen social events.

Shipley, 25, and his wife Sydnee moved to Los Alamos in late May to begin work with the church’s youth group. He had recently graduated

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Ledoux: Exploring Mysteries Of Living … Behavior And Contingencies

A Los Alamos member of
The International Behaviorology Institute

Since the causes of behavior are cast in terms of “contingencies,” the time has come to make some sense of the term “contingency.”

This term stands in generically for the range of “causes” of behavior the way other terms cannot, such as “stars” in astrology, or “selves” in psychology.

In a contingency, as an if-then relationship, if one variable happens, then the other variable happens. Each contingent relationship involves a dependency between variables. One variable “causes” behavior while the other

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ScienceFest Activities Through Sunday July 14

A chemistry experiment from the American Chemical Society was on display Tuesday at the ScienceFest Kickoff Party at Ashley Pond Park. Courtesy/Los Alamos Creative District

Stilt walkers and hoolahoopers get active Tuesday at the ScienceFest Kickoff Party at Ashley Pond Park. Courtesy/Los Alamos Creative District

A couple takes a selfie with the fractal hot air balloon, Infinitude, from The Fractal Foundation provided Tuesday as part of the ScienceFest Kickoff Party at the pond. Courtesy/Los Alamos Creative District


Los Alamos Creative District News:

Tuesday’s ScienceFest

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This Week At Los Alamos Farmers Market

LAFM News:
What’s at Thursday’s Farmers Market:
Apricots- Plums- Peaches- Cherries-Apples Pork-Lamb-Beef-Yak Lavender Body Products- Vegan Body Products- Goat Milk Soaps Apple Cider- Snow Cones- Dried Apple -Apple wood Squash- Onions- Garlic- Beets- Turnips- Radishes- Peas- Green Beans Squash Blossoms- Beans- Bolitos Beans- Black Beans- Quiche- Tea Breads- Cookies- Cake- Scones- Tarts- Buns Burritos- Tacos- Sharpening Service- Kettle corn Worm castings, Compost- Plants- Weavings-Eggs- Honey, Honey sticks-

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SFCSO Releases Names In Main Hill Road Crash

Los Alamos Daily Post

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office notified next of kin and has now released the names of the people involved in a car and commercial tractor trailer accident Saturday afternoon near Anderson Overlook on the Main Hill Road.

Public Information Officer Juan Ríos identified Colleen O’Bannon, 29, of Dallas, Texas, as the driver of a silver Honda who succumbed to her injuries. Her passenger is identified as Emma Garelick, 28, of Denton, Texas who sustained minor injuries.

“The driver of the commercial tractor

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New Mexico Airports Receive Second Round Of Funding For Improvement Projects

SANTA FE The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is awarding $3.18 billion in airport infrastructure grants across the United States in 2019.
After the second round of announcements made late last month, the New Mexico Aviation Division would like to recognize 19 additional state communities that will receive more than $12 million in grant installments from the FAA for airport improvement projects statewide.
This means funding for 35 projects will now total more than $19 million. Ninety percent of these projects will be federally funded; the remainder

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Fr. Glenn: The Best Presents

By Fr. Glenn Jones

Hmmm … in the news this weekend is that Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’ divorce is finalized. Since MacKenzie will no doubt get a large chunk of the Bezos fortune, that’ll likely drop ol’ Jeff down the “richest men” category a few notches. But … I doubt that he’ll have trouble finding a date nonetheless. MacKenzie, either. Too bad, though; it’s always a sadness to see a couple lose the love with which they began. 

Such news highlights the truth of the old adage: “The best things in life are free.” Jeff and MacKenzie’s earlier mutual love cost nothing, and yet one might speculate that

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Posts From The Road: Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument Near Questa

Confluence: The confluence of the Red River on the left as it spills into the Rio Grande as seen from La Juanta Overlook. The Rio Grande del Norte National Monument Upper Gorge area is west of Questa just a short drive from Los Alamos. Photo by Gary Warren/
Chawalauna Overlook: A long stretch of the Rio Grande can be seen from the Chawalauna Overlook at Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. Photo by Gary Warren/
Sheep Crossing Overlook: The Sheep Crossing Overlook affords a beautiful view of the Rio Grande Gorge in Rio Grande Grande del Norte National

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Introducing First Baptist Church Los Alamos

Pastor David Taylor First Baptist Church of Los Alamos. Photo by Jenn Bartram/
First Baptist Church of Los Alamos at 2200 Diamond Dr. Photo by Jenn Bartram/
By Pastor David Taylor
First Baptist Church Los Alamos

I just wanted to take a few lines and introduce myself. I am David Taylor and I have been in town for a little over three months, serving as the pastor at First Baptist Church Los Alamos.

We have been welcomed warmly into this friendly church that has quickly grown to feel like family.

We have classes for children, students and adults on Sunday

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