Life After 50 … Digital Cookbook


Executive Director
Next week, I’m going to try something new and I want to give the community a chance to help their local senior centers. My plan is to create a digital cookbook.
Sweets for the Sweet”, will be the title of volume number one. I am soliciting recipes, and in an ideal situation, a sweet story about how it has played a role in your life. We will sell copies of Sweets for the Sweet” for just $2.
I know I have many recipes in word documents. I find them helpful because I NEVER lose them. If all goes well, we will also offer a print and bound version, with the help of the lovely and talented Annette Hiteman. The cost will be slightly more, but the goal is to have some available during the Festival of Trees 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 16, at the Betty Ehart Senior Center.
So, we have two ways you can help our first green effort. Simply email you name and phone number, along with the recipe, sweet story and if you are so inclined, a photo, of it or you to We will NOT publish your phone number or email address. If you desire, we can even exclude your name. That means, just a few minutes of your time and sharing a memory, and seniors win!
The next way you can get involved is to purchase a copy of our guide to our digital, delicious, delectable sweets. You can send your name, email address and phone number to 1101 Bathtub Row, Los Alamos, NM 87544. Put attention “Sweets for the Sweet and by Nov. 16, your edible, electronic treat will enter your inbox.
Sure, we are trusting that you DO NOT forward the document, but instead encourage your friends to order one from us, too.
Then if the stars align, we’ll have a batch printed for the Festival of Trees and you can swing by our bake sale table for your own personal copy or get a gift of gallettes for your favorite guy or gal. Yes, I find myself reeling in alliteration, for a good cause. You see the Friends of the Senior Center are ferocious folks with a fellowship for finance, when it comes to local seniors.
The “Friends” or FOSC is a 501-c-3, non-profit organization, that aides the local senior centers in expenses that creep in during the year. Their work raises small amounts of funds for things like; replacing a broken blender in the kitchen, or an unexpected senior center cost not in the budget.
Recently, their largest fundraiser came to an end. The friends sold the rechargeable gift cards for the local grocery store. When that program ended earlier this year, their fundraising was greatly impacted, so we’re trying something new. Another way you can help them is to sign up for Inspiring Donations and pick their organization as the recipient. You simply go online to the Kroger website, select them as your recipient and every time you shop, they win.
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